Slow drains mean flooding, water seeping into basements

Published: Jul. 13, 2017 at 5:50 PM EDT
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(07/13/17) - Just when Mid-Michigan was starting to recover from flooding that damaged roads and buildings, another round has swept through the area. Although it's not nearly as bad as the flooding in late June, the downpours early Thursday morning did cause some problems.

A number of streets in Genesee County had deep water across them and vehicles kicked up rooster tails as they passed through. Neighbors in Mt. Morris Township awoke to a problem that often happens after a heavy rain - their front yards were flooded. The problem has been happening for 40 years.

Drainage issues in a nearby field and a damaged culvert causes water to fill up the ditch, flow into yards and at least one basement.

"I'm really mad. My husband has to take today off because he was afraid of our basement flooding. Our basement, we just finished it. We have furniture down there, carpet," said Sunshine Pease, who lives on Jennings Road.

A small sink hole was created by the flowing water. While the drainage problem has been around for years, it got worse in March.

"They need to do their job," Pease said.

"Somebody's got to be able to do something. The damage we've had in our basement. It's a lot of money goes down the drain and you see nothing done," said Bonnie Vamos, who lives in Jennings Road.

At least they're able to laugh about it a little.

"Like the grandson said this morning, I'll get a fishing pole. We'll see what we have for lunch," Vamos said.

Both Vamos and Pease say they have contacted the Genesee County Road Commission and Drain Commission a number of times and the problem hasn't been fixed.