MDOT continues with major project despite uncertain funding future

Published: May. 7, 2020 at 9:10 AM EDT
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Many construction crews are just getting back on the job-- but MDOT has been continuing their work on road projects as an essential service.

With most drivers at home, MDOT has been hard at work taking advantage of the near empty roadways, allowing crews to get the 2020 construction season started.

"With the weather starting to warm up, you probably noticed we started paving on 475 in Genesee county yesterday," said Jocelyn Hall with MDOT Bay Region.

We're now seeing projects coming along on 475,I69, and M13-- but Hall says the stay at home order may impact the amount of projects we see over the next few years.

'"The projects that already started already have funds that have been allocated, so we're going to make a commitment to get those projects done," said Hall. "The downside the were going to see is that our budget is funded based on gas tax revenue and with that lower traffic volume, we don't know what the overall impact is going to be on our program down the road, but we are expecting to see impacts of some sort."

Hall says MDOT already has quite a few projects on tap for this season-- and their goal is to get as much done while the funding is still available.

"MDOT tends to work on what we call a 5 year program. Thats where we have funds that are dedicated to a project, we know the there will be impact to that 5 year program," said Hall. "However, we can balance that, we will certainly take those measures into concern."

While many large scale projects are slated for the upcoming years, MDOT says until they know the full budget impact of the pandemic, they cannot determine which projects will be impacted.