Health experts concerned coronavirus cases could go higher as people ga

Published: Jun. 8, 2020 at 8:07 PM EDT
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(6/8/20) - Restaurants and bars can now host dine-in guests.

But even with new precautions in place -- is it safe for people to gather in close quarters?

Health officials are definitely concerned about a spike in coronavirus cases.

A lot will depend on how well residents adhere to new rules in place, even as restrictions ease.

People are flocking to get re-acquainted with restaurants and bars, after being closed for 3 months.

But, the recent protests...opening up church patronizing your favorite eatery, raises concerns about a second wave of corona virus cases.

"Professionally, I do worry that as we stop social distancing, we can have more disease spread," said McLaren Infectious Disease Medical Director Dennis Cunningham, M.D.

I asked Dr. Cunningham how you evaluate the risks of going out to eat.

"I think people need to be careful about when they go out. If you have immune problems or significant past medical history, you should think about staying home a while longer, hard as it is."

Wearing a mask might help but you can't do it all the time.

"Perhaps you wear the mask while you're waiting for your food or your waiting for a drink. And maybe that's the new signal that I'm ready for a refill," Cunningham added.

People I talked to are aware of the risk and say they'll take the necessary precautions.

"At an event, I always go outdoors if so. But, if not, always wear a mask," commented Elijah Allen from Flint.

"I'm looking to stay outside so I don't have to always wear a mask. No indoor fun for me," added Michelle, a Holly Township resident.

According to a recent Epic/MRA poll, 68% of 600 people polled said they were concerned about a second wave outbreak, while 31% said they were not.