Flint Township family frustrated over flooded ditch in front yard

Published: Aug. 19, 2019 at 6:45 PM EDT
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(08/19/2019) - A summer spent indoors for one local family because of a flooded ditch in front of their home.

With every new rainfall, a new issue surfaces for the Mahoney family.

And while temporary solutions are being offered, they're wondering if this problem will ever be solved.

"I mean it's just been a huge headache, a lot of frustration, it's a lot of arguing back and forth trying to figure out who's supposed to fix what," said Joelle Mahoney

Joelle and Justin Mahoney bought their home on River Rd. in Flushing back in 2009.

But last year the headache began...

"It started last fall we've made a couple of calls and everybody said it would be something they'd have to take a look at in the spring,” said Mahoney. “A lot of the issue is the standing water, the wildlife that has lived in it, the kids not being able to play outside because it's just a breeding ground for mosquitoes."

The family has two kids, a one-and-a-half-year-old son and a daughter, who's had to visit the doctor because of the problem.

"She's allergic to them. We've had to take her to the doctor to get a special steroid cream just to get them to heal up so she doesn't have tons of scars."

Mahoney said the standing water is causing their property to smell and has invited wildlife to make it home, including dozens of ducks and even one that surprised her.

"You know a 20-30 pound beaver was living in our ditch,” said Mahoney. “I mean we saw bubbles one night and the next morning he was dead kitty-corner to where the ditch was."

Mahoney says she's reached out to the Road and Drain commission and even Flint Twp.

The told her they'd be out soon to drain it, marking the fourth time this year.

But she's still waiting for a permanent solution.

"He said their short term goal is to pump it out again and the long term is to eventually fix it... well, eventually when?" said Mahoney.

Genesee County Road Commission said they are aware of the issue -- stating that the culvert under the roadway is plugged. They hope to have a solution soon.