Eight-year-old girl collects backpacks for foster children

Published: Nov. 2, 2018 at 8:48 PM EDT
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(11/02/2018) - A pile of backpacks sits on Christina Miller's living room floor filled with items like a toothpaste, books and crayons. Christina will be donating backpacks to the Samaritas Foster Agency. It's an organization that helps children who have been removed from their home because of risk of neglect or abuse.

"It is tough for them, going to a new environment and maybe they feel kind of out of place," Samantha Miller said. She is Christina's mother.

Christina's connection to foster care runs deep. Christina's step-grandfather was adopted. He adopted three children and currently fosters one now.

"We are really familiar with the situation, children not having their own belongings, their own special bag from home to home," Miller said.

Christina is in the 3rd-grade. One of her school assignments is to complete a community service project.

"Thinking about not having much, not having parents and having to move a lot from different people is kind of sad to think about.," Christina said.

The goal was to prep 20 backpacks, but the unlimited support has taken things to the next level. They're now up to 45 bags.

"We've just had a lot of positive response to it," Miller said.

The backpacks have a special message inside to encourage each child.

"On the blankets, we are sewing patches on them that say you are loved,"Miller said.

The family is still in need of more items like, toothbrushes, stuffed animals, and books. People can email for more information.

All items will be donated to the agency on November 16.