Crews resume work to inspect, replace last 15% of Flint water service lines

Crews hydro-excavate in front of a Flint home to determine the composition of its water...
Crews hydro-excavate in front of a Flint home to determine the composition of its water service line. (WJRT)
Published: Jun. 2, 2020 at 4:34 PM EDT
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(6/2/2020) - Crews will begin work this week on what officials hope is the last leg of Flint's citywide water service line replacement project.

Mayor Sheldon Neeley said construction crews will resume work this week and he hopes they will complete the last 15% of work by the end of this year.

Contractors have been delayed in resuming the project by about two months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The residents of Flint deserve to have this project completed quickly and safely,” Neeley said. “We will get the job done and help to ensure residential service lines are safe now and for generations to come.”

A resident of each home age 18 or older must be present for crews to start work.

Crews start by digging a hole to check what each home's water service line from the street to the house is made of. If the pipes are copper, no replacement is necessary and crews fill in the hole.

If the pipes are made of lead or galvanized steel, crew will replace them with copper -- usually on the same visit when they investigate the pipes. Workers will need brief access inside the home to connect the new water line.

Workers will wear face masks, personal protective equipment and follow social distancing guidelines to remain six feet away from residents. Any areas they touch inside homes will be cleaned and sanitized.

Yard repairs will be completed later.

Any residents who declined to have their water service lines checked or didn't respond to crews earlier can still participate by calling 810-410-1133 or emailing