Nurses stressed, burned out from pandemic while others find ways to stay motivated

Published: Sep. 15, 2021 at 6:51 PM EDT
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MID MICHIGAN (WJRT) - The latest surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations is leaving some nurses burned out and stressed, and even thinking of leaving the profession altogether.

But for one mid-Michigan nurse, even in this incredibly challenging time for many, including herself -- she still finds motivation to do what she loves.

”It’s kind of an unprecedented thing. I’ve never seen something that’s so out of control and take over so much,” said Lisa Ross, a registered nurse of 33 years and an employee of Great Lakes Bay Health Centers.

Lisa Ross is a registered nurse of 33 years. She works at one of the Great Lakes Bay Region Health Centers.

She sees it all every day including patients who are sick, patients wanting the COVID-19 vaccine and patients wanting to get tested.

We are 18 months into this pandemic -- some days are good for Ross -- while others are not so much.

“It’s taken on this political context --and so most people just listen to what they’ve heard hearsay. No one’s really investigating the specifics of it, so we repeat a lot of the same stuff about the vaccine,” Ross said.

A recent national survey by the Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation found that 62% of healthcare workers said stress related to COVID had a negative impact on their mental health, 55% felt burned out and nearly three in 10 weighed leaving the profession.

Of course that’s going to depend on who you ask, but for someone like Ross, her motivation comes from the very people she helps everyday that say two words to her.

Those words? Thank you.

“When someone’s scared to death to get a vaccine, or they’re scared to death because I was going a lot of COVID-19 calls, talking to people who were positive and they say thank you so much -- I was so scared -- you made me feel better,” she said.

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