Davison woman hopes her story helps boost seat belt usage in Michigan

Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 6:01 PM EDT
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DAVISON, Mich. (WJRT) - As seat belt usage in Michigan dropped to its lowest level in 17 years, a Davison woman hopes her story will help boost that figure.

A Michigan State University study found 92.6% of motorists wore seat belts this year, which is down nearly 2% from the previous study in 2019. The seat belt usage rate for 2021 is the lowest in Michigan since 2004.

Laurie Mundy of Davison said haunting memories of a crash her family survived decades ago is a testament to why seat belts are necessary.

In 1967, her family was driving from Houghton Lake to Atlanta in northern Michigan on vacation. They stopped at a four-way stop and got hit by a vehicle that ran the stop sign.

“We proceeded on into the intersection and a vehicle pulling a trailer didn’t see the four-way stop sign and broadsided us,” Mundy said.

She was not wearing her seat belt. In fact, one of her sisters was the only person out of six people in the car who buckled up because seat belts weren’t required back then.

Mundy considers herself lucky after walking away with scars from the broken window glass. Her siblings and parents also survived the crash.

“My one brother flew up and hit his head on top of the car and it cut out a section of his scalp, and then my other brother was knocked out cold and was hanging out the window,” Mundy said.

That day in 1967 was the last time she didn’t wear her seat belt. That memory from 54 years ago remains fresh in her mind every time she reaches to put on her seat belt.

“I can’t imagine my mom and dad getting out of the car and seeing their four kids like that,” Mundy said.

She has a simple message for others.

“Buckle up. Before you put it in gear, I want to hear that click,” Mundy said.

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