JR’s Thursday Evening Weather Report

Happy Thanksgiving!
Published: Nov. 26, 2020 at 6:08 PM EST
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Thanksgiving Day was a gray one across Mid-Michigan.  Despite the noticeable lack of sunshine, temperatures moved into the middle, to upper 40s.  Our “normal” high temperature is now 42-degrees.  Our Thanksgiving cloud cover will hold through Thanksgiving night, and there will be a chance of a little bit of fog and mist for the late-night period.  Temperatures through the wee hours of our Friday will settle into the middle 30s.

“Black Friday” will begin on a gray note.  A pretty solid deck of clouds will greet early-morning shoppers.  The trend for the afternoon will be for the clouds to begin to break-up a little bit.  So, there will be a chance of ending the day with a little bit of sunshine.  High temperatures for the day will be pretty close to, if not a skosh above, normal.  The clouds will continue to move out of our area Friday night.  This should set the stage for a brighter weekend.

The weekend is looking pretty good!  Any lingering clouds Saturday morning should move out for the afternoon.  So, with a good bit of sunshine and a light breeze from the west to southwest, temperatures will top-out a little bit above average.  Sunday should turn out to be a little bit warmer.  Bright sunshine in the morning will give way to increasing cloudiness during the afternoon as a pretty strong storm system makes a move from the south, toward the eastern lakes.

The first of next week will feature major weather changes.  A strong storm centered just to our east will support a strong wind in off of Lake Huron for Monday and Tuesday, resulting in significant lakeshore flooding.  That onshore wind will also drive our temperatures back down into the 30s.  A wet snow, or a rain/snow mix will be likely at the same time.  There will also be a chance for some snow squalls to develop off of Lake Huron.  All-in-all, it is a storm system we will be keeping a close eye on.  It is likely to dominate our weather picture through Wednesday as well. - JR