Bay County couple dies within minutes of each other from COVID-19

The couple was holding hands as they died together in the hospital
Bay County couple dies together after contracting COVID-19
Bay County couple dies together after contracting COVID-19(AP)
Published: Oct. 22, 2020 at 6:19 PM EDT
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BAY COUNTY, Mich. (WJRT) - A heartbreaking story out of Bay County tonight where a husband and wife died of complications from COVID-19 just minutes apart.

The infection numbers are back to spring levels in the state, but the death rate has stayed relatively low, but people are still dying from COVID-19.

70 year old Gregory Christie and his wife of 46 years, Carla Christie, who was 67, died on Tuesday at McLaren Bay Region in Bay City. Their obituaries state they died holding hands, apparently just minutes a part.

Family and friends says they both died from COVID-19. Its not clear how long they were in the hospital or how they contracted the virus Their deaths are a reminder that the virus is still here and while the death rate remains low compared to March and April, it can still turn deadly.

"Any death is too much, " says Neil Stokes is a Physician Assistant at Covenant Health Care.

“The problem is, right now, we see it in the community, people are thinking its not as bad as it was in spring, so some of those precautions when people were saying, oh my goodness what is this, they are not taking,” he says.

He operates the Covenant Covid-19 Hotline where they are averaging 5,000 calls a month.

“Five thousand people asking what do we do, how serious is this, what do we need to, should I get tested, should I not get tested, so we are helping answer those questions,” says Stokes.

And he is seeing a disturbing trend, the phone calls into the hotline are increasing again.

“Summer came and we just got a little bit of a lull, but now we are getting calls again, not quite as bad as spring time but we are getting close,” he says.

Bay County has now recorded 59 deaths due to COVID-19 and today, the health department is reporting another 28 new infections. They have been trending up as of late.

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