Whitmer kidnapping plot suspect made threats toward 2017 Flint rally

In the days leading up to the Equality Caucus of Genesee County’s unity march, organizers received countless threats online from a Michigan militia group.
Published: Oct. 9, 2020 at 6:01 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - (10/9/2020) - ABC12 News has learned of another mid-Michigan connection to one of the 13 men accused in the plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer and overthrow the government.

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office charged William Null with providing material support for a terrorist and possessing a weapon when committing a felony.

ABC12 News has learned Null threatened several people in Genesee County ahead of an Equality March three years ago in Flint. And, he showed up that day.

Three years ago, on February 4, 2017, the Equality Caucus of Genesee County held a march starting at Flint’s City Hall, down Saginaw Street to the University of Michigan-Flint pavilion.

Their show of unity was a response to the President’s travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries.

“The bottom line is there was a lot of rhetoric in the presidential campaign of 2016 and leading into Trump’s inauguration, that was anti-Muslim; and we decided to voice our concerns about it,” Equality Caucus of Genesee County member, Dale Weighill explained.

Weighill helped organize that march in 2017. And, he said in the days leading up to it, he and other organizers received countless threats online from a local militia group.

“They were posting threats like we’re gonna bring our protester plow and run you all over, you know, and posting memes and pictures of guns and things and so a lot of threats, a lot of threats,” he said.

One of the main voices issuing those threats? William Null, a now-38-year-old from Shelbyville facing charges connected to the plot to kidnap the Governor.

Weighill shared an image with ABC12 News from Facebook. It shows Null’s comment on the march’s event page. He wrote, “Any one want to see these (bleep) in action? MLM is going.”

MLM appears to stand for Michigan Liberty Militia. It’s a group based in Barry County, near Null’s hometown.

And Weighill said, the group did show up. He also shared a photo with ABC12 News that he took that day. It shows the two sides squaring off across Saginaw Street. Less than a dozen members of the MLM group were there, wearing military fatigues, armed with large guns at their sides.

Not knowing any other names of those who showed up in 2017, he’s not sure if any of the others arrested in the plot to kidnap the Governor were in that group.

“It’s a really, not a comforting feeling to be threatened like that, have your life threatened for standing up for the rights of others and humanity and trying to be a humane decent person,” Weighill added.

Weighill did reach out to multiple police agencies ahead of the March to share the threats. He said they showed up to monitor the event.

ABC12 News asked if he thinks Null should’ve been arrested then. “I’m not certain that laws were broken three years ago, certainly that was the leading edge of more to come, which we now know,” Weighill explained.

Because of their interaction, Weighill wasn’t surprised Null is one of the 13 charged.

He’s kept an eye on Null’s public Facebook account since 2017; and he said he saw him in footage of the April protest at the Capitol, held in response to the Governor’s Executive Orders.

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