One size does not fit all: Bangor Township clerk’s office receives too small absentee ballot envelopes

The high volume for this year’s presidential election left clerk’s office a bit short.
Published: Sep. 30, 2020 at 6:33 PM EDT
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BANGOR TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJRT) -(09/30/20)- About 2500 too small size envelopes were sent to Bangor Township residents.

Causing some voters to contact the clerk’s office, worried about their ballots.

“A voter came in and brought it to my attention. Of course she was very upset. Tried to explain it to her what had happened,” said Bangor Township clerk, Dawn Bublitz.

More than 4000 registered voters in the Township requested absentee ballots for the November election.

That’s the most Bublitz said she has seen in her more than 2 decades of working at the Bangor Township Clerk’s office.

“When I was the deputy, we might have had a presidential with 1500-1600,” she said.

The high volume for this year’s presidential election left clerk’s office a bit short.

“Ran out of envelopes. Printing system did not have any. It was going to take me four weeks to get them. That wasn’t going to work, I ordered them from another vender the state allows us to use,” she said.

That’s where the problem started. Turns out---one size does not fit all.

“Never in my wildest dreams that I think that I would have to order new secrecy sleeves. I figured these are the ballots they mandate us to use, they are all going to work,” she said.

Bublitz wants to reassure voters--

“They can come get a new envelope , they can slightly fold it over. If all else fails, they can put it in the envelope without the secrecy sleeve. It’s not ideal, however if they are not able to come get a new one, their ballot will still count. The secrecy sleeve is for their protection, to hide their vote and of course that’s important, but unfortunately short of mailing out new secrecy sleeves to 4000 voters, which would be a huge cost, I would rather try to do this way. if they have a problem, if they call, we’ll mail them a new one,” Bublitz said.

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