Police: Nobody called 911 after deadly Flint shooting

Flint Police Chief Terence Green said gunshot wound victims choosing to not call 911 is becoming a trend.
Published: Sep. 10, 2020 at 6:04 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - (9/10/2020) - A Flint man is dead after being shot on the City’s north side, according to police.

Flint’s police chief said they only found out about Wednesday night’s shooting because he was taken to the hospital. His friends didn’t call 911.

Investigators are still piecing together exactly what happened Wednesday night in the 300-block of West Baker Avenue. Chief Terence Green said they do know a man was shot around 9 p.m.

He died at Hurley Medical Center. Chief Green said he was rushed there by his two friends. No one called the police.

“That occurs quite frequently,” he explained.

Chief Green said a local hospital notifies them of a shooting at least once a week.

“It makes the investigation very difficult because we don’t know where the initial crime scene is. So investigators have to go back, backtrack, conduct interviews,” he said.

But if the person shot doesn’t survive, it’s that much more difficult and time consuming. With the high number of shootings in Flint, Chief Green said detectives from both Flint and MSP are each consistently working at least 10 cases at once.

“It’s very frustrating because we will also rely on the public, on the community to provide information. A lot of times - I understand the reason why - but a lot of times, they’re apprehensive about cooperating with the police,” the Chief explained.

That’s one of many reasons why he believes they don’t always call 911. And, he believes there are some shootings they’ll never hear about; because he said, they don’t call or even show up at the hospital.

So Chief Green is focused every day on overcoming that obstacle by building trust between the police and the community.

“If you’re going to provide information on the shooting, me as the chief of police, I have to convince you that listen, we have your, your safety and welfare at heart,” he said.

He’s asking you to give them the opportunity to prove that.

“Think about it,” he said. “If someone in your family was victimized or if you were the victim, you would want someone to provide information that’s going to help, you know, get you, for you to receive justice.”

He added it could also get that person off the street before they shoot someone else.

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