Midland public schools to start school year in-person and virtual

All being done with knowledge that circumstances could change at anytime.
Published: Aug. 25, 2020 at 4:57 PM EDT
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MIDLAND, Mich. (WJRT) -(08/25/2020)-”Parents demand choices today and so I’ve always been wanting to provide all those choices so I get all the kids belong to Midland Public schools,” said Midland Public Schools Superintendent, Mike Sharrow.

That’s why Midland Public Schools Superintendent Mike Sharrow said his school district will begin the year both in person and virtual.

“ We felt it was vital. I know some districts went one way or the other and Midland is it’s own unique community for sure and we felt our parents would want both options,” Sharrow said.

Sharrow said 40 percent of students will start the school year online.

60 percent in a classroom, with extensive safety measures in place, starting with how to social distance in a classroom.

“We purchased Plexiglass desk shields, thinking that would work, then with the masks, we acquired masks for k-12. And so you have two protectors there. And then we are washing our desks every period in the high school and then every transition in the elementary and then we have also purchased for lack of a better word, fogging machines that will spray in the evening to kill COVID. We have also purchased air scrubbers. So on our HVAC system the air will be scrubbed to try to prevent that from growing,”

All being done with knowledge that circumstances could change at anytime.

“Two weeks from now, we may have to adjust our plans. We think we are prepared , but you just never know what we are going to enter,” he said.

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